Pay Equity

With hundreds of pay equity plans implemented and 20 years in the field we are confident we can meet any of your compliance needs.  Our approach is flexible and varies with client need.  Different levels of our involvement may be needed depending on your organization and the approach you wish to take.  Below are some options for our involvement.

Some firms have already implemented job evaluation programs and would like our advice with regards to Pay Equity Compliance.  We can provide your organization with a comprehensive audit that will document any compliance issues and provide possible corrective measures.

Technical Consultation
Many firms would like to utilize their own resources in implementing pay equity/job evaluation programs but would like some assistance in understanding the technical issues of pay equity. Other firms would like assistance in planning for the project.

Our experience can provide insight to some of the most common pitfalls helping to keep your project on track with minimum expense.

Project Facilitation
Using your already existing system or our own, we will train your staff in all aspects of job evaluation.  We will provide training on any job evaluation system enabling your organization to build its own skills.  Once a committee is trained and has rated all the positions within your organization, we will review those ratings to ensure consistent and fair application of the system.  If your committee runs into problems, we can facilitate and untangle the challenges. 

If required we can provide additional support in the following areas:  employee communications, contract negotiations, pay equity plan development and maintenance support.

Complete project management
This option is designed to assist organizations that wish to have the pay equity /job evaluation project completed by an objective third party.  Our staff of professionals can provide comprehensive project support.  We provide a simple and easy to use job evaluation system that can be adapted to meet the unique needs of your organization.  We will complete the evaluations of the jobs, review the ratings with a steering committee, provide a cost impact statement, develop the necessary pay equity documentation and communicate the results to staff.  It takes all the worry away, allowing your staff to focus on your business priorities.